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Kitchen Worktops our complete guide

As the ‘hub’ of the house, the kitchen is the rooms where the entire family gather to share a meal and discuss what’s happened during the day.  Typically this is the room in the house where most importance is placed on the aesthetic look and feel, practicalities as well as being fitted out with quality fixtures and fittings, much more so than any other room in the house.  It is essential that your kitchen is designed for your needs and reflects this in the positioning of your cupboards, appliances and to complete your experience, a quality worktop.

Your kitchen worktop includes the area around the sink, it is used to house those every day appliances as well as a preparation and cooking surface.  It is the worktop where you do chopping, blending, washing, drying and serving, basically almost everything you do in the kitchen. If you have your meals in the kitchen as well, you have all the more reason to pick a worktop that looks amazing as well as serves the purpose.

Kitchen worktops can be made of a wide range of materials. You can either go for affordable and sparkling laminate to durable and strong marble or granite. It is understood that irrespective of your choices, each material will come along with its pros and cons.

Your choice of surface style and finish can enhance the quality of even the plainest looking kitchen. It can give a contemporary and modern look to your kitchen along with creating more space within your home. The market is full with worktops of several colours, from pure white to ruby, midnight blue to granite, and so many more, but non add a quality, warm, homely feel as natural solid wood.

When you are planning to upgrade your kitchen worktop, you should be aware that they are made from natural products which can readily absorb stains from food items. This in turn will adversely affect the look of your worktop. Less porous materials such as glass and stainless worktops are more hygienic than natural worktops in this respect.

Before you focus on the design of the worktops, you need to carefully research the market looking at designs, patterns and textures available. Consideration is required to choose the colour, style for the kitchen worktops, along with your available budget, which if small may rule out quality natural materials such as granite, marble and other natural stones.

Choosing the best work surface can be a struggle. Keep in mind when you are about to purchase new kitchen worktops: appearance, durability, and performance, ease associated with maintenance as well as cleaning, how long you plan to be in your current property and also the price.

Granite/Marble – The benefit of granite function tops is based on their appealing looks as well as muscular develops quality. They provide a sleek surface that’s also warmth resistant. Granite worktops are the ideal choice in conditions of durability too. Granite could be custom reduce from slabs after which the sides polished. Pre cut parts of granite may also be purchased as well as typically be expensive less.  Marble is probably the most sought-after elements simply because of its several positive attributes.

Wooden – Solid Wooden worktops provide a classic appearance and can be found in oak, beech, birch, walnut as well as bamboo.   A benefit of wooden worktops is they have anti-bacterial character, thus providing a sanitized area. These areas also provide good sturdiness.

Laminate – Laminate surfaces are very reasonably priced as well as easily fulfil small finances. Good high quality laminate surfaces have a sturdy build and therefore are resistant in order to stains. Laminate is usually the most reasonably priced solution and it is available in many colours as well as textures.

Stainless – Stainless metal kitchen surfaces are utilized extensively within commercial settings for example restaurants, workplaces, schools as well as hospitals. These worktops provide a thoroughly clean and minimalist turn to kitchens. Certainly the actual commercial design kitchen is gaining popularity in houses so we’re seeing using stainless metal more.

Strong surfaced – Solid come up kitchen worktops make use of solid linen, typically bonded in order to chipboard, and also a balancer laminate below it. They provide a modern look. These non-porous counter-top surfaces provide a bacteria-resistant area. Easy cleansing and maintenance increase their recognition. The marketplace leading manufacturer is Corian nevertheless; similar products are available at discounted points.

Quartz – Quartz kitchen area work surfaces have become increasingly popular on the market. Besides scoring at the top of the appearance factor, they provide a sleek, durable as well as scratch-resistant non-porous area.