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Graduating and forging a career

The current job market is seriously sparse, it is practically impossible to get a job with over 21% of graduates being unemployed once leaving university.  This article is meant to give inspiration, advice and top tips to help prepare you for leaving University and entering the real world.

Graduates have to do everything they can to stand out from the crowd to get a foothold on the career ladder these days, with the UK unemployment levels at an all time high.  Each year there is a raise in graduates leaving university to enter the world of employment.  The ONS report states that over the last decade the percentage of graduates working in lower skilled jobs in the UK has risen from 26.7% in 2001 to around 35.9% in 2011.

As the amount of graduates increase, and the amount of graduate jobs have stayed the same or decreased, a massive demand for positions has been created and made it a very competitive environment.  You need to show potential employers how you can add value to their business, you need to start thinking of yourself as a product – a product that a company might like to buy or certainly invest in, because essentially that’s what they will be doing.   Ask yourself, what are your key selling points?  Did you graduate at the top of your class?  Were you the student president?  A member of the debating society?  Any achievements academic, social or enterprise is always worth mentioning.

Employers are happy to invest in graduates through a salary, mentoring and training as they know long term this initial investment will payback dividends.  Employers also know that gaining the highest qualification does not make you the best employee and in your interview the employer will be questioning you to uncover your personality traits, your industry knowledge and the value you will add to the team. Ensure you are yourself, stand out, be confident and show the employer that by employing you the team will be enhanced.

Once you have finished your studies at university, received yourengraved graduation gifts and said farewell to your friends, you will no doubt be both excited and daunted by the prospect of forging your chosen career.  You will be seeing lots of things in the news quoting statistics and telling you that you won’t find a job.  The truth is, it is very difficult to get a job but there are still lots of opportunities out there and things are definitely picking up.  If you focus on (1) getting the best degree possible for you, (2) try and get some relevant work experience, (3) start applying early, (4) look out for graduate schemes, (5) get help and advice with CV writing and interview techniques, and most of all (6) remain positive, driven, motivated and determined, then you can succeed and progress with a great career in your chosen profession.